What Makes us Different...

1. Unmatched Insight Into the Buyer's Journey: We shine a light in your market to a place that's been dark in the past. We can tell you when your prospects and customers have started their Buyer's Journey.


Whether it's a Buyer's Journey that would lead a new prospect to purchase from your company, a Buyer's Journey that would give you an opportunity to sell more to an existing customer, or a Buyer's Journey that one of your current customers would go on to leave and do business with a competitor...

Using Identity Resolution, we make what was once anonymous to you crystal clear, because instead of guessing where people are in their Buyer's Journey, we know EXACTLY where they are in that journey. We give our clients this insight in real-time.


2. An Unfair Advantage: Imagine having ABSOLUTE insight into the behaviors of your best customers and the best prospects for what your business offers.


Our completely unique Process will help you keep your finger on the pulse of who's ready to buy, when they're ready to buy and where to reach your customers on their Buyer's Journey.  What we offer will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.


3. Behavioral Insight Into Your Customer Base: What if there was a way to know when ANY of your current customers were looking for ANYTHING else that you offer OR if ANY of your customers were looking at a competitor's offerings?

Imagine having that level of insight... You could literally just pick up the phone and call them, send them a relevant ad, or email them. We help our clients save time, enhance client relationships, save money, and boost profits by showing them EXACTLY who they should be talking to based on our amazing and unique technology. 

Meet Josh Brein...

Based out of the Seattle area, I specialize in business development with a diverse background in lead generation and marketing for Financial Services, E-Commerce, Home Improvement, Medical Aesthetics, and more...


I enjoy spending time with my family and love traveling to new places like Alaska, Indonesia, Canada and pretty much anywhere else I can hop on a plane to!


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